Decision Makers Ltd is a privately owned firm. It was established in 2008 and is based on the experience of its founder, Dr. Eyal Brill.

The company was involved in the development of the BlueBox software, an Event Detection tool for water quality events. Recently, in parallel to joining the consortium, Decision Makers has started the development of an EDS system named MindSet Detector. The MindSet Detector is already used in a project focused on sewage monitoring. The MindSet Detector is patent-protected and its core algorithm is solely owned by Decision Makers.

Role in project

Decision Makers is responsible for Work Package 3, part of in Work Package 4 and part of Work Package 5:

  • In Work Package 3 Decision Makers will develop the Virtual Sensor Model and the Spatial Model. Decision Makers will also define the optimal rank for sensors.
  • In Work Package 4 Decision Makers will develop the simulator training tool.
  • In Work Package 5 Decision Makers will handle the domestic sensors benchmarking.

Decision Makers has extensive experience both in modelling and simulation development.