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Work Packages

WP1 Hagihon, Fraunhofer, AdA, ACREO, CEA, BioMonitech
Water Security Usage Cases, Simulations, and Deployment in Beta-Site

Work Package 1 represents the client for the SAFEWATER project. It effectively pulls the entire SAFEWATER project together to make sure that the technologies and devices to be built provide practical solutions to concrete water security problems defined by involved users and relevant to the topic in hand.

WP2 Fraunhofer, 3S Consult, Decision Makers
System Architecture, Processes & Event Management System

Work Package 2 aims to design and build an integrated architecture based on the function flows between the various components of the system: sensors, event detection module, simulation modules and the event management module. It will focus on designing, developing and implementing the interfaces between the various system components of the main process such as: collecting data from sensors, processing data, event detection, and operational procedures using simulation functions with results presented in geographic layers. Additionally work will be carried out to develop an integrated process which starts with an alarm received from a sensor through early detection, event management and finally the closing of the contamination event and the integration of the interfaces of all the components of the project. Ultimately an integrated holistic solution will be developed, at users’ sites.
WP3 Decision Makers, Fraunhofer
Event Detection System

The objectives of Work Package 3 are to develop the virtual sensors models; to develop the spatial model based on the virtual and network sensors; to develop the testing tool simulator and to build test scenarios for the event detection system. All these components will be integrated into one system and the system will be made available for testing in user sites and in order to perform benchmarking between sensors and sensors’ combinations.
WP4 Fraunhofer, 3S Consult, Decision Makers

The aim of this work package is specify, develop, implement and integrate the offline and online simulators. The offline simulator will be a tool for decision makers and technical staff, and the data from event simulations will be used to train the event detection system. The online simulator will be used in case of an attack to aid decision support tools in acting and responding (source identification, propagation simulation, severity and impact evaluation).
WP5 ACREO, CEA, BioMonitech, Decision Makers

The objectives of this work package are to develop and improve sensors that are essential for the detection of CBRN related contaminants in drinking water. Emphasis is put on the quick response of sensors, both for on-line and portable use, including the detection of chemical contaminants, radioactive contaminants and bacterial contaminants.
Dissemination & Exploitation

This work package will focus on the promotion of the SAFEWATER project and European RTD efforts and make research results available to a larger scientific community. This work package will focus on the promotion of the SAFEWATER project and European RTD efforts and make research results available to a larger scientific community. This will be achieved through publications, workshops and the creation of a user community as a platform to broadcast the project's output and generate a knowledge share platform for common interest users around CBRN and water
Project Management Office

This work package is focused on setting up the management infrastructure: committees, boards, management procedures, quality management plan, risk registers, project management tools, internal web site in order to ensure the strategic and day-to-day operational project management of the project. Additionally it provides financial and contractual management of the consortium, including maintenance of the Consortium Agreement.
WP8 Fraunhofer, ARTTIC, Hagihon, ACREO, Decision Makers
Scientific Coordination

Work package 8 aims to ensure the successful technical implementation of the project in conformity with the work plan and the Consortium Agreement with a focus on keeping track of the work progress at WP level and on overall project level; managing risks and identifying deviations and problems related to the scientific implementation of the project and provide solutions.